When There Is No Custody Agreement

My husband and I moved to another county in Wisconsin four months ago. We still own our property the county we use to live. We agreed that we will return to our previous county before we file for divorce. He went there and asked for a divorce in the county where we moved. The state says you can`t move children more than 150 miles from the other parent. The county I wanted to retire to is 210 km away, because he asked that I not be able to bring the children back to the county where we have lived for the last 9 years. I would be looked down if I went back to our previous county and I was working before the divorce was over. Or if they wouldn`t give me physical custody because I moved, IF THE PARENTS NOT MARIÉS AND NEVER MARRIED, and there is no court order for custody of the child, then the child`s mother has legal custody of that child until a court says otherwise. In other words, the mother of a child born outside marriage has sole custody of the child, unless a court has issued an order giving custody to someone else. If the parents are married and do not agree on where the child will live, one of the parents must apply for a divorce or custody application to obtain a court order on custody of the child.

My wife has asked for a divorce, but so far there is no custody order at best to get sick my daughter once a week, she has day care to the unemployed, So there cant I observe that she has total control and she took the baby out of my arms if I want to go where with her Your hatred for me makes my baby suffer, it is every possibility for me to be with my daughter more than one day a week and it is not consistent I can not have it to have a vacation, what I do here is what is going to happen. He will bring you to justice and tell you that you are denying him access to the child inappropriately. I`ve seen it happen over and over again. The courts do not like this kind of charge, and sometimes even mothers lose custody of that. The best-case scenario, the judge will order something about custody and visitation. In the worst case, you might even lose custody (and by losing, I mean he could get primary physical custody, and you could be the parent with a visit). I said earlier that “losing” custody is not something that usually happens and, in most cases, it is not. It is certainly not as if very good parents could not see their children at all; It is also quite rare that Dad would take primary physical custody (on shared custody) in a case prosecuted.

But it can happen, and too often when it happens, the #6 factor is the root of it. I am a father of three, my in-laws have custody of them. They won`t allow me to see them or talk to them. It`s been almost 4 months since I spoke or seen last time. I want to see them and I have the right to talk to them. I have no problem with the law or the drug. In addition to going to court, the rights I have to spend time with my children. My best friend has a daughter-in-law, and her mother takes her from her father when there`s a visit order. In addition, she has moved in the meantime and the mission is for a meeting place. She has lived with a registered sex offender several times.

The girl was hospitalized several times for illness and injury due to neglect, but the mother explains it. My best friend`s husband tried to talk to the courts, but they won`t help without formal papers and they can`t afford a lawyer who files full custody, and CPS still considers their reports to be false.