What Is An Ankara Agreement

The Ankara agreement does not apply only to a business start-up visa. Applicants have the right to work without starting a business as long as the following conditions apply under the agreement. If you have worked with the same employer for 12 months in areas that are part of English under bilateral agreements on a work visa, you can also apply for a work visa. Citizens applying for a work visa can obtain a mailing visa if they prove the following three items. After obtaining their visa, they must work with the same employer for 3 years. At the end of the 4th year, the applicant may make a change of sector or employment under the visa for workers requested under the Ankara Agreement. After the 4th year, visas are renewed for a period of three years. The main criteria of the Ankara agreement on workers` visas are as follows; Instead, to qualify for an Ankara agreement, you must get a Turkish businessman subject to visa requirement to prove that you are providing “sufficient resources” to set up your business. This means that there is greater subjectivity at stake, and further reflections on how to prepare the company`s plans and what it will accomplish in the first 12 months and beyond will be important. One of the advantages of this agreement is that once the applicant is able to start a business, the spouse can also live in the UK and get a job without the need for a work visa or employer guarantee. In addition, the children of applicants can also study in public schools (up to the age of 16), which is much cheaper than private and international schools. In addition to the confirmation of the British ambassador to Ankara, Dominic Chilcot, that the possibilities for cooperation between his country and Turkey will increase with Britain`s withdrawal from the European Union, he said at a diplomatic meeting on 7 February 2020: “What we need to do is find the appropriate agreements to replace it.” In accordance with the published guidelines, if the above measures are met, applicants are given a period of 12 months.

Noting that applicants are prevented from benefiting from the agreement if they are found to be in violation of UK immigration law. Instead, they are subject to the points-based system. A Turkish national legally employed in the UK may also apply for a visa extension in order to stay longer. To qualify for an extension, they must already have a valid visa (for example. B a Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 4) visa allowing them to work legally in the UK, and they must also have worked (continuously) for the same employer for one year. If the applicant successfully applys for a visa extension, he or she may stay in the UK as a Turkish ECAA worker. However, an applicant in this category cannot apply for permanent residence. The Ankara Agreement also does not apply to Turkish nationals who have entered the UK illegally.

The power of Turkish citizenship attracts the attention of many investors all over the world, as NTL companies are still striving to mark the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship, where promising investment in the Turkish Republic with the institutions that the Turkish citizen receives in the world, under trade agreements and agreements between the Turkish Republic and countries around the world , such as Turkey`s agreement with the United States on the E2 visa and the Ankara agreement. As stated in a statement published on the official website of the British government, there is no intention to denounce all agreements, including the agreement on the European Economic Area and the free movement of people between the European Union and Switzerland and the Ankara agreement. Turkish businessmen who rely on the Ankara agreement also have flexibility in what a company can do.