What Are The Types Of Concession Agreement

Table 9.1. The main features of airport privatizations through the “airport privatization” concession through a management contract are somewhat counterintuitive, as they do not include participation or transfer of ownership. However, from a historical point of view, it is still considered one of the (albeit rarer) options. Complex private financing initiative (PFI) projects may include a concession agreement granting private contractors the right to use certain assets. However, when these rights are transferred, the government or judicial authority may set certain expectations about the extent of the maintenance and investments made, as well as the operational standards to be met. Excerpts from the BWI parking space management agreement, which includes detailed consultation with management tasks to be completed, are available at CRP-CD-81 (Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements). 2.6.2 Airport vehicle data control procedures generate significant revenue. In many cases, it generates the high level of non-air revenue for the airport sponsor. A sponsor must have detailed revenue control procedures in place to ensure that these revenues are maximized. The control of the turnover is ensured by the control of several important elements of the contract. These include parking tickets for which there is no accounting, inventory of missing or lost tickets, and the requirement for a park manager to use a computerized parking space management system.

For excerpts from the CMH agreement on parking space management services, which contains detailed consultation with revenue control procedures, see CD-81 CRP (hereafter referred to as The Annex chapter 2, concession agreements). 2.6.3 Additional service airports have expanded their parking options to increase revenues and protect their market share from competition from park operators outside the airport. These services generally include all self-parkings and, more recently, valet parking arrangements. Excerpts from the OAK Agreement on Parking Space Management Services, which contains a detailed description of valet services, are available at CRP-CD-81 (`CD-81`), annex to Chapter 2, concession agreements. 2.7 Car rental Additional problems for car rental dealerships – Location of operation – Definition of gross turnover – Definition and calculation of MAG – Definition of trading days – Acceptance of credit cards – Double-mark privileges – DBE requirements , Valet, Pick up, drop-off-Beschrunkungen – Vehicle sales – Pass through concession fees – Space rentals – Consolidated facilities – Customer calculation and presentation – Shuttle-bus service – Employee parking – Service security , Underground Tanks Environmental Protection Contracts 25 A concession contract is a contract that gives a company the right to operate a particular business within the jurisdiction of one government or on the land of another company, subject to special conditions. Concession contracts often involve contracts between the non-state owner of an entity and a dealer or dealer. The agreement grants the dealer exclusive rights to operate its operations in the facility for a specified period of time and under certain conditions. See CRP-CD-81 (below), appendix to Chapter 2, concession agreements, for extracts from the terms of MSP`s concession contracts relating to the operator`s responsibilities, management and distribution, as well as an excerpt from the PDX concession agreement for a matrix that assigns maintenance tasks.