Webex Meeting Enterprise Agreement

You will also need to select a specific meeting service for each user: either the full Cisco Webex meetings or a combination of Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Training, Cisco Webex Events and Cisco Webex Support. You cannot select this option in combination with Cisco Webex Events 3,000 below. A company-wide subscription for meetings, calls or meetings. Organizations with 250 or more users is this model for you. You can choose meetings or calls or both. Team Collaboration (Webex Teams) is included for all users. Cisco webex event service with a capacity of 3,000 participants per session. Cisco Webex Events helps you develop your company meetings and business events in real time with online events and webinars to reach more attendees, reduce travel costs and increase the number of participants. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM) Cloud offers unified and unified enterprise-class communications and collaborations with the features and benefits of Cisco IP phones, mobile devices and desktop customers provided from Cisco`s Webex cloud. Cisco Unified CME offers call processing for Cisco Unified IP phones for distributed corporate branch environments and retail services. Even branches within the same company may have different requirements and requirements when it comes to unified communications.

Cisco Unified CME meets these requirements by providing call control, mobility and localized conferences in addition to data applications on Cisco`s Integrated Service Routers (ISRs). In your subscription order, you set a purchase model for a meeting solution (“meetings”) and/or a calling solution (“calls”) that defines your payment obligations. If you exceed the capacity limits associated with the purchase model in your order, you are required to pay your partner (or Cisco if you buy directly from Cisco) for excessive use. Three purchase models are available: Enterprise Agreement, Active User and Named User. You can choose different buying patterns for meetings and calls, but you may never have more than one purchase model for one of the two solutions. During your subscription, you also have the flexibility to change your purchase model from (a) user designated to “Active User” or “Enterprise Agreement” or (b) “Active User in the Enterprise Agreement.” Table 1 shows the De Collaboration Flex Plan purchase patterns and the availability of meetings and calls in each purchase model.