Volunteer Advisory Board Agreement

(d) applicable law. This agreement is governed by the Massachusetts Commonwealth laws applicable to agreements executed and executed in full within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In the event that a provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of this agreement remain fully in force and effective. b) ALL INFORMATIONS ARE FOURNIES ON A BASE “AS IS.” Rocket is not responsible for the damage caused by the participant`s use of the information. Rocket may refer to programs and products that are not currently for sale, so any disclosure of this information is neither an offer to sell nor an invitation to the activity. Rocket may modify or cancel its plans at any time, so that any use of the information by the participant is done only at his own risk. Unless expressly provided otherwise, neither the agreement nor the disclosure of information in any way: (i) each party grants a right or license in the context of a copyright, patent, hidden work or trademark owned or under the control of the other party; (ii) each party is required to disclose or obtain information, conduct work, enter into a licence, enter into trade agreements or other agreements; (iii) restrictions on the development, manufacture, purchase or marketing of products or services; (iv) dissuade a partisan party from reassigning or reassigning its employees in any way; (v) establish a common relationship or allow one of the parties to act or speak on behalf of the other party; or (vi) of one party to a business relationship with another party. Thank you for your volunteer participation in a Rocket Advisory Board (“Technology”). This agreement exists between Rocket Software Inc. (“Rocket”) and the person, company or other legal entity identified in the signature block below (“it”). This is a specific agreement that applies only to board activities that include a unique stream of Rocket confidential information to participants (one “participant” each) that prevents confidential information, including technical and business information provided by Rocket; and non-confidential reactions from participants.

Boards of directors can be referred to as “customer advice,” “technical advisory committee” or any other title.