Service Agreement Renewal

Figure 2 shows a 200 system for developing a service contract tilt model based on an execution model. In this example, the 200 system contains a 210 back-end and a 220 avant-end. As a non-limiting example, the back-end 210 can be a cloud platform, a server, a computer and/or the like. In the meantime, front-end 220 can connect to back-end 210 via a network such as the Internet, a private network and/or the like. The pre-end 220 can hold a user device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. The 210 back-end can hold a processor and memory. The processor can run the service contract analysis software described above to create a mandatory service contract renewal model by intelligently extracting relevant and domain information from different data sources such as contract data, transaction data, customer demographics and asset details. These intelligent data signals can be collected as input for the most advanced machine learning algorithms to learn/train a model in order to achieve high accuracy. Service contract data for a large number of asset-related service contracts can be stored in the 120 service contract data memory. For example, for each service contract for one or more of these devices, a geographic location of the facility, customer financial information, pre-debitor renewal history, after-sales service requirements, etc., can be stored in the 120 data memory of the service agreement. This data can be analyzed and machine learning algorithms can be applied to the data to generate a service contract extension model based on different resource and customer factors. The model can be used to predict whether a pending service agreement will be renewed by inserting various customer information and/or installation information into the model.

You can call our customer service (10am to 6pm) or, if possible, write questions. As you may know, my contract will be renewed next month. Before that date, I reviewed last year`s agreement and would like to propose a number of treaty changes for next year. If you are also interested in renewing the contract, we would like to arrange a meeting for further discussions. For any questions, please contact our company representative at (454) -0985-9867. Please confirm in writing if you wish to extend the term of the contract.