Sap Scheduling Agreement Delivery Date

If the delivery date is 20, you cannot make the receipt against this release, the XXXXXX document will not contain any items. You can try to create a computational profile and add it to the order cycle, allowing you to calculate the delivery time for release using factory production days rather than regular calendar days. we do, but right now we still use orders, not delivery plans, but should work? The problem is configured with the factory calendar and the messagei.e system, warning/error/ignore the spell. Normally, the purchase document would give a warning message if Dely`s date falls on the day of leave specified in the calendar. If you can change the settings of the messages in the error message, this will not allow the user to edit/update, I work with the delivery plans and kanban. I have to find a way to prevent the system or a user (Kanban) from updating or managing a delivery plan in an unworked day. You must review the delivery plan in ME38 until 15.05.2011, and then do THE GR. The SAP_COM_0444 / Delivery Schedule of Sales Scheduling Agreement – Receive, Update (B2B) API is released with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 1905. The sales delivery plan 30000001 was found. The basic logic as below: Hello Nandu, Logically the schedules generated by MRP and that`s planning, as you ordered and therefore, if the date is a week later, then you have to get this material that day. If you don`t have a schedule for today, you can`t get this material.

So if you change your request by changing the calendar, you can get this material. I hope I`m clear. Can you verify if the confirmation is maintained in the delivery plan Should I expect the system to be rescheduled for the next work date if the delivery date is not the day of the work day? I kept in ME38 (Delivery Plan) delivery date next week (05.07.2006) for a delivery plan. As soon as I receive the goods in the MIGO, it is said that the document does not contain selectable items. You`re absolutely right. Don`t forget that you are scheduled for the delivery plan. Delivery plans are drawn up by MRPor Kanban or the user. In this case, I use kanban to create delivery plans; The problem is to update the ME38/EKES delivery plan. No alerts or error messages yet. Example: Delivery time – 4 days. It`s a part of kanban.

The replenishment signal was sent on a Thursday, so the delivery date is scheduled in the Monday delivery plan – 4 days included Part and So. Then I changed the delivery plan to the current date. Then I did the GR in MIGO.