International Environmental Agreements Database

Lists of international environmental treaties, conventions and other conventions with links to text, membership, performance data, secretariat and summary statistics. More than 1,300 multilateral, 2,200 bilateral and 250 “others.” Grouping by date, subject and “line” of legally related agreements (e.g. B agreements on the Montreal Protocol). The “others” include environmental agreements between governments and international organizations or non-state actors, not two or more governments. NEW: Membership links in contract lists now contain annual state reports and the same information in the Stata format for data analysis. datasets of more than 150 environmental indicators (secretariats or scientists) that are related to the IEA and are working to improve them in order to assess the impact/effectiveness of IEAs, for example. B the whale harvest (1910-2005); acid rain emissions (1980-2005); Emissions of ozone-depleting substances (1986-2005). Use the performance data link or “Data” links in each contract list. The IEA website is constantly being reviewed and updated. During 2017, a comprehensive review was initiated by numerous bilateral agreements and a complete update of the accession measures of all MEAs and a large number of BEAs. The current content includes more than 1,300 MEAs, more than 2,200 BEAs, 250 other environmental agreements and more than 90,000 “accession actions” (signature, ratification or entry into force; Press releases here).

A big thank you to Jorg Balsiger and Lorris Germann of the University of Geneva, who identified more than 650 BEAs and laid the groundwork for the IEADB to become a comprehensive list of bilateral and multilateral environmental agreements. Here is a list of AEMs after ten years. How many multilateral environmental agreements have been signed? Data or diagram of agreements by year and type (contract, protocol, modification). InforMEA provides easy access to MEAS information. They can consult the texts of the treaties and the provisions of decisions and resolutions adopted by the EEA`s governing bodies. You can browse the parties` information, including contacts, national reports and national plans that are submitted under Article 10. Feel free to know concepts and concepts as they are defined in the context of MEAs and consider taking one of the more than 20 free online courses for the introduction of MEAs. Don`t forget to use the Explorer field to browse all this information and get more filters and refine the results. Watch the video to learn more about the role of each MEA by its secretary. You can also learn more about InforMEA. Click here.