Collective Bargaining Agreement For Federal Employees

After the formal cancellation of the injunction in October, OPM and the White House asked the authorities to reconsider existing collective agreements and begin implementing all executive decisions. Each CBA list indicates the end date of the agreement, the region in which the bargaining unit is located and the union involved. Database users can also search for and sort agreements by location and union. The creation and implementation of the new collective agreement database, which the Federal News Network is expected to implement earlier this week, responds to one of the president`s may 2018 personnel decisions. All agreements are readable, so the public can search individual documents under certain conditions, the OPM official said. But the search function in the CBA database allows agencies and the public to search for a word or phase in all available agreements. If you have questions about CBA filing and arbitration decisions, please contact OPM Accountability and Workforce Relations staff at l` If you have any questions about certain CBAs in this database, please contact the agency associated with the CBA. Information on representative data for all tariff units certified by the Federal Office of Labour Relations, including name, description, location, number of employees in the tariff unit and other information, is available in the federal information system for employment services. Collective agreements whose terms have expired or been replaced must be reopened, even if the agencies or workers` unions have not chosen to go back to the CBA, the OPM said in November. The Office of Human Resources Management on Thursday launched a new online database of government-wide collective agreements.

Nicole Ogrysko is a federal news network reporter with a focus on federal employment and federal wages and benefits. At the time of introduction, the database has 774 collective agreements, a sum that reflects the number of CBAs that OPM received from agencies on that date. The new collective agreement database is based on A collective agreement is a written contract between an employer and a union representing workers. The KBA is the result of a broad negotiation process between the parties on issues such as wages, hours and terms of employment. The database allows users to search for agencies and sub-agencies by collective agreement. The public, for example, can see all CBAs that are active in the Ministry of Defence, and then limit their research to all military agreements.