China Eu Sign Milestone Agreements On Civil Aviation Cooperation

Fourth ECAC forum on intermodality and its impact on air transport. 4.1 In 2005, some 8.5 million passengers were transported between the European Union and Canada, 9% more than in 2004. As a result, Canada is one of the largest long-haul markets in the European Union. In terms of seating capacity, Canada is the fifth largest EU aviation market after the United States, Switzerland, Turkey and Norway. For Canada, the EU is the second largest international air transport market after the United States. While U.S. international traffic accounts for almost half of all air traffic to and from Canada, European countries account for about 27% of Canada`s total international transportation. This includes European transport through the United States. Other important partners are Australia, Japan, South Korea and China. International (non-U.S.) traffic has increased by 5% per year since 1991, with growth rates higher than international (U.S.) and domestic transportation. Tourism (inbound and out) and strong trade and trade relations between the two parties are major market promoters.

Approximately 47% of international travellers to and from Canada are tourists; Traffic between the EU and Canada represents a significant volume of passengers chartered in the summer. The convergence of legislation can only be achieved at the Community level. Canada and the Community have already taken the first steps to achieve a high degree of regulatory convergence, and this partnership can gradually become an open airspace between the European Community and Canada. The proposed new partnership would send a clear signal to other third countries to join the trend towards a more flexible international framework for air transport. Bilateral Air Services Agreements between EU Member States and Canada – Workshop co-hosted by CEAC and the US Federal Aviation Administration on best practices in three key areas of aviation safety. 2.7. Air Canada`s airport platform, Toronto Airport, carries more than 28.6 million passengers per year. Toronto`s airport fees are very high and make it one of the most expensive airports in the world. Other major airports are Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver. Canadian airports are managed by airport authorities under long-term leases and must pay rent to the federal government in exchange for the right to collect revenue. Our vision is for European citizens to benefit from the safest and most environmentally friendly civil aviation system in the world.

On the basis of the China-EU civil aviation safety agreement, the two sides will continue to consult on the implementation of the Airworthiness and Environmental Certification Annex to facilitate the importation and export of air transport products and to ensure cooperation between industrial enterprises on both sides and to ensure full implementation of the agreement.