Carmax Wholesale Vehicle Purchase Agreement

The salesman takes you back to the shop and creates a set of customer data for you, which is then sent to the team of buyers. The buyer`s assessment process takes about 30 to 45 minutes, allowing your sales agent to offer you cars or the waiting area in case of interest. During the evaluation, the buyer will drive your vehicle, so don`t be alerted to see it from its parking lot. Collect all your documents about your possession of the car. You have your driver`s license (proof of identification), title (proof of ownership) or credit information and owner`s guides that may have come by car. You must also have at least one set of car keys, including remote controls. If you owe money to the car and do not finance new purchases (or do not receive financing to cover negative equity), you must pay your credit balance before the sale is completed. Clean your car indoors and outdoors. Remove garbage and personal belongings from the inside.

Your car doesn`t have to be perfect, but a well-maintained car will better score points if it is judged for the necessary cosmetic renovation. Post-market changes can have negative effects on sales, so that the vehicle is, if possible, returned to storage. If you have a “Smart Trip” road toll transponder or similar device, be sure to remove it and the CD in the car stereo; These are often forgotten by sellers. Once the buyer has completed the evaluation and entered the offer on your vehicle, the salesperson will re-open your customer data set in the computer and show you the notice. This shows the values attributed by the buyer to various conditioning factors in the vehicle, as well as any records of damage, theft or fraud that may apply to the vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns to assess, contact the buyer. Selling a car can be challenging and frustrating. Doing it yourself is complicated and sometimes uncomfortable, because you interact with buyers who will probably try to lower your price. Most dealers don`t take your car without buying one, and they make their offer dependent on your purchase conditions. CarMax, however, is different.

CarMax dealers have buyers who work independently of sales staff. Buyers have nothing to do with the sales process and they make selling your car at CarMax easy. However, it helps to be informed before entering the store so that you know what awaits you. When you arrive, you will be greeted at the front door. Tell the salesperson that you are interested in selling your car. The employee will go with you to the car for a first walk, to register your license plate and leave a plastic “hat” on the car to help the buyer find it. The salesperson has no influence points on the valuation and cannot influence the offer, but he can nevertheless ask for problems with the vehicle.