2D Concept Ideation

A good design starts with a good idea, communicated in the best way possible. At Foresee Car Design we specialize in thinking outside of the box. We listen to our clients, determine the clients’ goals, and then approach the ideation process with as broad a scope as possible, so that we can easily determine what are feasible directions and what are not. From there, always in cooperation with our clients, we deduct and [.....]

Alias Concept Modeling

To go from 2D ideation to 3D concept model, Foresee Car Design specializes in the use of Autodesk Alias software. Since its inception in 1994, Foresee has used all iterations of the erstwhile Alias-Wavefront 3D software to quickly and accurately turn unique 2D ideas into 3D reality. Foresee strives to keep up to date with the latest software developments to ensure an optimal model development in the shortest possible [.....]

My New Pluralsight Course: Sketching a Sports Car using Autodesk Alias

After having ran the Foresee Online Car Design School since 2000, I have now teamed up with Pluralsight to build a complete series of car design courses on video. The first one of the series is about sketching cars using our beloved Autodesk Alias software. Although it does explain the how to use certain parts of the software for this task, it also explains the whole sketching and ideation process we normally go [.....]