Foresee Design is active in exterior design of cars, yachts, motorbikes, general transportation as well as industrial products for mass production, limited production, concepts and infrastructure innovations.

Since its inception, Foresee has worked with the leading automotive OEMs world-wide, and is renowned for its unique and efficient design process. In general our lead time is 60% – 70% shorter than our competitors, and our creativity is higher as well.

Our scope of 2D work encapsulates ideation from sketches through to renderings, both in conventional materials as well as using the latest digital media available, but even goes as deep as consultation on future infrastructure proposals resolving current issues with environment and congestion.

We have the capabilities to produce scale and full-size models, both in clay and in hard materials, and carry a project through to full running prototype.

If you would like more information about our exterior design services, please contact us through e-mail or contact us by phone or mail.



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